5 Rules to Lose 8kg in 7 days

(if you’re bored of hearing me rant just skip all the way down to the rules I’m setting for this challenge)

Gained a whopping 3kg over a span of 2 months. I’m now 46kg. Aaaaannd it’s finally gone beyond my threshold. I need to lose weight! SERIOUSLY!

Okay I know I’m just being annoying, I complain about this ALL THE TIME. But it really does bugs me. Weight gain is a very VERY sensitive issue to me. Once I feel my shorts feeling tighter, my face growing rounder in pictures, my friends teasing me about growing fatter, or whatever the case, I go crazy. I mean it. Not on the outside, but inside I GO INSANE.

In my defence I used to be damn bloody fat and I’m not ready to post up any pictures from that period of my life. So yeah, if you know me long enough you’ve prolly seen it. At my fattest I think I was 54kg or something… I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal. But I’m 1.53m ONLY!!! Freaking overweight I swear. Nothing’s worse than being short…. AND fat. At least for me. I felt so damn conscious about it.

Was surfing about facebook lamenting my weight gain when I saw this article:


It promises that you can lose 8 freaking kg in 7 days.

You’re kidding. Right?

I thought so too. On normal days I would just scroll past it (like I did a few days ago), but out of pure desperation, I clicked the link and read the article.

And boy. It sounds too good to be true. The diet’s basically a mix of fruits and veg, very minimal carbo intake and lots and lots of water. Doesn’t sound so hard does it???? No harm trying I guess (?)

Maybe feel a little disappointed if I don’t hit the goal. And lose my temper a bit (I have very bad mood swings when I diet, lol). Or go into remission because I can’t eat meat…

I mean I’ve successfully dieted before, I was 42kg at my lightest when I was in JC. I practically lived on fruits. No carbo, no fried food. Just fruits and vegetables. And in less than half a year I think I lost about 10kg. It felt so good. But I also got horrible mood swings, dizzy spells and I was so so pale. And still my face was fat -_- Ugh. But it didn’t last very long and once I ate my carbs again, I gained it ALL back. No kidding. But it was good while it lasted.

So I’ve decided. I am going to do this. I’m going to try this out for 7 days (hopefully) and see how it works out. As of now I’m guessing I have a 25% chance of succeeding… I’m having heaps of projects and deadlines this week but I’m going to go ahead anyway. Pushing my limits but I don’t care. I NEED to lose this weight. I tend to eat out of boredom or when I’m stressed (a coping mechanism), but I’m not going to use this as an excuse anymore.

But before that, I know for a fact why most of the time my diets fail. So this time I’m going to have a set of guidelines, for myself, apart from the dietary rules. To hopefully stop myself from deviating and going on the typical procrastinator’s “I can diet tomorrow” path. Here goes.



1. No more excuses

This practically sums up everything. But because it’s so vague I tend to forget the salience of this. I forget how important self-control is when it comes to maintaining my weight. I ALWAYS give myself loads of excuses of why I should eat that red bean bread, or drink that ice Horlicks and gorge down that extra plate of supper. I always “cheat”. It’s ok because everyone does it. Right?


Even if they do, they probably exercise or eat less the next meal.

I don’t exercise. Rarely if ever. And this is also the simple reason why I always get fat after staying acceptable for awhile. No more repeating this process.

I will not eat just because I am bored. I will not buy snacks just because I want to spend money. I will not buy copious amounts of Pepero just because it’s on sale. I will not eat crap and 10 meals a day because I am stressed/on my period. I will not stop exercising just because I have damaged hair (that “can’t” be washed everyday”).

I will not give myself ANY excuses and “cheat”.

Fruits and Veg, that’s it.


2. Prepare for the diet

The worst part about going on a diet is when it’s INCONVENIENT.

How many times have we eaten junk and thwarted our diets because it was just SO DAMN TROUBLESOME to get that salad/fruit?

For me, it happens just about EVERY single time. No kidding.

Whenever I want to eat a fruit, there’s none at home. Whenever I want to toss myself a salad, there’s no lettuce/tomatoes at home. Even if there was, I am a total idiot in the kitchen. Or I’m just lazy. I wouldn’t want to cut the fruits, peel the skin, remove the seeds.

It’s just so time consuming as compared to tearing a bag of chips open. Seriously.

I’m especially prone to quitting my diets whenever I’m stressed up over deadlines because of this. It just doesn’t make sense for me to spend time on washing my veggies and fruits when I’m just eating out of boredom.

I regret all the chips and suppers of course. But how should I remedy this?

Simple. I’m just going to make life easier for me and for my diet. I am going to integrate this plan specifically around my daily activities. I rather try making it more convenient for myself, than to sit back and wait for my weight to dip. Which it won’t.

I am going to buy ALL the fruits and veggies I need for this diet. I have a helper who can do everything and pre-pack these in small little bags/boxes for me. Something I never asked of her but will start doing from tomorrow.

I’m going to have a DETAILED plan of what to eat everyday based on where I’m going to be (in school or at home or wherever), who I’m going to hang out with, what kind of stress I’m going to expect having etc. Anything that would induce eating basically. You get my point.

Just plan your diet AROUND your life.

Click here to see mine!

Not your life around your diet because that’s not going to happen. EVER.


3. No scrimping on salads because they are “expensive”

I have a very bad habit. Especially when it comes to using mental heuristics to guide my decisions.

Salads are expensive. Let’s admit that. Just look at SaladStop, Sumo Salad and my favourite.. Swissbake.

I swear by Swissbake in SMU and I love that place. I am a die hard fan of their smoked salmon sandwich and I eat that more than once every week. They have smoked salmon salads, yogurt and what not. But I always get the bread.

Why don’t I buy a salad?

Because. It doesn’t make sense.

A salad costs 6+++


A sandwich WITH a drink costs 9.90.

Which is more worth it? Which is going to keep me full for a longer time? (this is just an excuse) Which is better tasting? Which looks better to Instagram?

Of course I’d pick the sandwich. It just costs 3 bucks more, comes with my favourite Coke Light, a lot more smoked salmon and my bestfriend – BREAD. Carbs. I love carbs.

It’s sad because that sandwich has everything I love in one package. But I also realise it keeps me full for just 15minutes. And then I’m hungry again. Or greedy at least. And I’d eat something in another 20minutes or so.

And ALWAYS, I convince myself I’m getting a better deal out of paying 9.90 for a sandwich meal compared to 6++ for a bowl of greens.

Well, I’m going to stop this. Most of the time I get satisfied halfway through the sandwich but I wouldn’t throw it away because I love it too much. This is all because I wouldn’t want to pay 6 dollars for my smoked salmon salad. I want to feel the joy of getting a “better” deal with ALL my favourite items in one package. Even when I don’t actually need ALL of it.

Ultimately, the weight gain’s not worth it.

I will pay for the salad now. I will pay to feel skinnier and to eat my smoked salmon the “healthier” way.

I will not save on my wallet at the expense of my waistline.


4. Stop thinking I am the “naturally” skinny kind of girl

My weight tends to yo-yo because I’ve always liked believing I was the “skinny-fat” kind of girl, where I could eat whatever I want and not gain weight. Without exercise of course.

And… Reality sucks. I am not that girl. I gain weight VERY easily and escaping from this doesn’t help me in any way. I always over eat because I think I am “skinny” for now and I will not gain weight because of “one bad meal”. So when I manage to lose weight and hit a good size, it doesn’t stay that way for long. I tend to eat more when I feel good about myself.

The problem is this:  these bad meals add up. My complacency over my weight grows exponentially with the rate I eat “bad meals”.

Perception is a very powerful tool. As long as I believe I “will not gain weight”, I will behave as such. And this has become a habit.

I realised that I am eating WAY above my 1200 calorie count almost everyday for the past 3 weeks. Why? Because I’ve gotten used to it. I’ve gotten used to being OKAY with eating more than I should. The first few times I excused myself because I was stressed/it was a friend’s party/blahblah… Excuses again.

So no more of this. I need to get this straight. I will make it very clear to myself right now that I need to consciously maintain my diet, to stick to my calorie consumption limit, and STOP MAKING EXCUSES!


5.  Drink lots of water. Just water.

I’ve become a slave to Coke Light and Coke Zero the past semester. Why? Because it’s “zero calorie”. I mean, it technically is. That’s the very reason why I switched from my addiction to Teh Peng and Teh O Peng to Coke.

But oh… I did not consider the implications of this. Sweetener really does make you hungrier. AND, that leads to more eating of other stuff that HAS CALORIES!!!!

(Jw actually did warn me about this but I was stubborn and now I’m suffering the consequences T_T)

I’ve tried this. I’ve tested not having a Coke, like I am now, and I’m snacking significantly less. I am not a scientist, but all I can say is that sweetener in Coke Light/Zero really does make people eat more. Maybe it’s the taste in your mouth, or the feeling of being used to having a sweetness to deal with “stress”… I’m not sure.

But one thing’s for sure. No more Coke for me. I am going back to water. And occasionally, if I need some caffeine, my trusty Teh O Peng Siew Tai!

I will be updating my progress of how painful, and excruciating this journey will be over the next week. Hopefully I’ll find out ways I can improve if I “fail” over the week. Slowly, but surely, I am going to find out what’s the best way for me to diet!

I hope these “rules” will be useful to all the girls/guys out there interested in keeping to your diets! I know it sounds quite dogmatic, giving myself no excuses… But I rather aim for the moon and land amongst the stars.

I believe this is doable, it just needs a little personal tweaking here and there. I just need to get started. Let’s go.


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  1. Low carb, NO processed sugar, NO animal fat, High fiber, High protein does the trick. The only carbs you get is 50 grams in the morning (2 slices of bread). Throughout the day have 3 protein and fiber loaded meals. If you are craving, fruits or almonds as snacks. Not all fruits will be good for cutting, especially bananas. But pineapples, apples and oranges are a safe bet. Stay away from animal fat, and nothing fried please. The only thing you drink is water and if you have salads, skip the dressing, croutons and BACON BITS!

    Miserable as you may be, just do this once every fortnightly. You should see results in about 3 cycles. This diet is good because you don’t have to go on a huge calorie deficit. If you want it to work more efficiently, do at least 20 mins of cardio everyday.

    Do take note. You will feel a bit lazy and sleepy all day. It’s normal as your body’s ‘fuel'(carbs) has been restricted hence it has been converted to a fat burning machine, (at least until you eat carbo or sugar), which does not give energy when burnt. You can jolt your lazy body by downing black coffee (no sugar). Enjoy and let me know how it goes.!

  2. Hello,
    Nice blog by the way.

    I think you should consider exercising. It really helps lose on a regular basis and it makes feel good!

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