Daily Diet Plan

As I said, I need a plan. A detailed diet plan that is crafted ACCORDING to my planned activities for the day. I’ve tried dieting without plans. They never work. It was easier back in JC because it was very routine and the stress levels never really varied.

Here in SMU it’s quite different and I think it’s become more “challenging” to balance my calorie intake around my daily activities. But SMU… Challenge accepted!

I am not going to graduate fatter than when I matriculated!


Day 1 (Thursday, 19th March)


RM in the morning at 8.15am, and after that CB at 12 till 1.30pm. Going to study and finish up projects that will probably make me quite stressed up and greedy. Probably will stay in school the whole day till about 10pm.

Breakfast:Β Salad from Swissbake + Fruits from Koufu.

I get very hungry in the morning. I need to constantly eat. This will probably tide me through 3 hours of RM. Both very near SOB.



Lunch:Β Yong Tau Foo (Veggie only)

Dapao to CB class. Koufu is near SOB.

Snack:Β Fruits (Watermelon + Papaya + Apple)

Buy otw to SIS.

Dinner: Veggie Delight Salad from Subway (Nearer to SIS) or Salad from Swissbake

Supper:Β Apple @ Home

Day 2 (Friday, 20th March)


MA meeting from 1pm onwards till late. Have Adrace meeting in the afternoon. Will be in school the whole day. Mainly at SOB, stress level expected to be high.

Breakfast: Skip, just wake up late.

Lunch: Salad from Swissbake (Near SOB)

Snack: Fruit from Koufu and Raisins for easy snacking.

To tide me through BORING and SHITTY MA. I know I will eat like mad during this period….

Dinner: Koufu Yong Tau Foo (Veg ONLY)

No more salad because I will get bored. I just know it.

Supper: Apple/Orange @ Home.

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