My New Skincare Regime: Bio-essence Tanaka White

Working with Sample Store (click my link <<< for free samples!!) has been a total delight and they’ve sending me products to test out after I joined them recently as a seeder, and now, AN EDITOR!!!!!!!!!!! HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!

But that’s besides the point today.

bioessence tanaka white review-6

I was recently given the chance to try out the latest range of Bio-essence Tanaka White 4X Intensive Whitening Serum and Double Whitening Day Cream, courtesy of Sample Store!

So before I start, let me give you an introduction to my bare face without any make up on (except eyelash extensions on from COVO).

bioessence tanaka white review-2

Yup. Looks pretty good for someone who doesn’t use facial products at all huh? (Yup, I don’t even cleanse HAHAHA)

All my friends tell me how I am so lucky to have the nicest porcelain skin even without taking care of it. And truthfully speaking, I should be thankful for it.

I haven’t been using cleansers, toners, moisturiser, sunblock etc, for the past 3 years or so.  Yes, I know it sounds pretty gross. But in my defence, I never saw a significant difference showing on my skin with products or not.

So to me, it was kinda like throwing money down the drain when I bought a heck load of products and when they didn’t make me glow exceptionally brighter or whatever these products promise you.

But recently… I’ve realised that I have some pretty unsightly dark spots/freckles that seem to be multiplying on my cheek area!!!!!!


bioessence tanaka white review-1


bioessence tanaka white review-12 bioessence tanaka white review-13 bioessence tanaka white review-16

bioessence tanaka white review-17

bioessence tanaka white review-3

Hideous black spots!!!!

I guess that’s just my skin telling me that I am no longer 17/18 and it’s not going to continue repairing itself as quickly as it used to.

No more staying away from products and being lazy if I wanted to keep my god-given clear complexion…

So anyway, I hated the freckles so much and so I decided to give the Bio-essence whitening products a go!

bioessence tanaka white review-5

The 4X Intensive White Serum

bioessence tanaka white review-9

If you look closely, there’s Alpha-Arbutin in the product, an whitening ingredient that is 9X more powerful than Beta-Arbutin! Beta-Arbutin is commonly found in whitening products but Bio-essence has gone further to make this 9X better!

bioessence tanaka white review-4

Double Whitening Day Cream SPF 20

bioessence tanaka white review-10

bioessence tanaka white review-11This is perfect for me because I absolutely hate putting on layers of cream (one oily surface is bad enough). So combining a sunblock and day cream in one is absolutely a stroke of GENIUS!!!

Hydration and protection all in one. No need for double application and clogging up my pores for nothing.

What’s the point if you have fair skin and horrible pimples??? It actually makes them more salient I believe. Erps.

bioessence tanaka white review-21

Ok enough of my stupid face. LOL.

Let’s try out the products!!!!!

bioessence tanaka white review-23

bioessence tanaka white review-25

Cleansed my face with my new Clarisonic (a separate post) before I put on the serum.

bioessence tanaka white review-26

Unvealing it from the box, it has a pump like structure which allows you to better control the amount you wish to extract from the bottle.

bioessence tanaka white review-28

bioessence tanaka white review-29

bioessence tanaka white review-30

So you press it, and it will extract the serum from the bottle! No over spilling, having to clean up the extra leaks on the side and just a complete ease to get liquid out of the bottle!

I love the bottle so much!!! Every watery serum should be made in bottles like these… Would save us so much trouble cleaning up the mess.

bioessence tanaka white review-31

bioessence tanaka white review-32


bioessence tanaka white review-33

After that, you press on the “button” again and I usually drop them on my face like the above picture.

Gives me enough coverage for the whole face almost 100% of the time.

bioessence tanaka white review-34

And then you do the usual clockwise rolling of your fingers on your skin to rub the serum in.

bioessence tanaka white review-35
bioessence tanaka white review-36

I also like to tap my whole face afterwards to make sure everything is absorbed.

bioessence tanaka white review-38

Ok step 1 complete!

bioessence tanaka white review-39

Now for the next step, applying the day cream!

bioessence tanaka white review-40

bioessence tanaka white review-41

bioessence tanaka white review-42

Open the pot and you see a nice vanilla cream mixture to lather on your face!

bioessence tanaka white review-43

bioessence tanaka white review-44

So I do the same thing, I dot my face on the 5 points again.

bioessence tanaka white review-45

bioessence tanaka white review-46

I look like some alien LOL.



bioessence tanaka white review-47

bioessence tanaka white review-48

Rub rub rub. Same directions follow from applying the serum. Make sure your face is bouncy and pat it till it’s fully absorbed by your skin!

It shouldn’t feel oily at all.

bioessence tanaka white review-49

Done with Step 2!

bioessence tanaka white review-51

The difference???

I have smoother and much more moisturised skin!! The black spots are also lighter as compared to before!! I think the product worked don’t you??

bioessence tanaka white review-52

Yay or nay??

I say YAY!!!!!!

bioessence tanaka white review-53

Have been applying both serum and day cream religiously for the past week since I got it from Sample Store! Even though I am a lazy bum the feeling of having nice bouncy and white glowy skin really does perk my mood up everyday.

I have to say that I love it a lot because IT IS NOT OILY!!!!!!!

And in terms of whitening? I think I’ve lightened at least one shade from my previous colour!

Always walking around the CBD and hanging out at Sentosa has gotten me a shade darker since I started interning. Now I’m back on track to getting back my porcelain white skin! I think I’m a little step closer to being 100% prepared for my kickass trip to Australia!

Thanks Sample Store and Bio-essence for sending me this Tanaka Whitening package!

Not convinced this package is for you?

Why not try it out yourself FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!

Head over to for July’s free sampling of the above mentioned products!

Use it to believe it.

Like their page in the mean time to get updates on their latest products and to receive more samples in the future FREE-OF-CHARGE!! I know we Singaporeans will definitely love that. :P

 For those convinced about the miraculous whitening effects of the products, you can purchase them islandwide at stores like Watsons, Guardian, NTUC Fairprice, personal beauty stores and major super markets, Sasa outlets!

Stop making excuses like I did in the past and do not be lazy! They’ve always said prevention is better than cure, and this, is for good reason.

Start your skincare regime today before you end up spending a bomb trying to reverse the damage in the future!

bioessence tanaka white review-24

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