15 Emojis That Convey Emotions Better Than Words Do

Everyone knows Emoji.


And, I dare say this because even my Dad, the most stoic of all IM users, uses the Emoji keyboard on his Whatsapp.

OK that aside, I think Emojis have absolutely revolutionised the way we communicate on social media. More often than not, we type out long sentences and backspace to and fro, only to replace the whole chunk with a simple X (emoji).


I believe so.

And if this piques your curiosity,

Here’s my list of the top 15 emojis on my keyboard and how they effectively convey my thoughts and emotions.



Instead of typing out a long string of LOLOLOLOLOL or HAHAHAHAHHAA when laughing at the biggest joke on the planet. I prefer to just spam this emoji.

It gets the message across in the most appropriate way when you’re laughing so hard you actually cry. I literally look like it when I’m clutching my phone and my tummy when texting my bestfriend.

2. Lame/Whatever/Not gonna believe you/Fuck off


This is another one of my favourites. Because I am quite a cynical person, and also love telling people to f**k off when they say something stupid. This is definitely my go to emoji whenever I’m too lazy to type out a sarcastic reply or to explain my lack of trust. Clear and to the point. Love it.

Oh, and I think it’s a lot less rude, when you compare it to “f**k off”. No?

3. I’m sorry/Don’t be like that/I didn’t mean it/SORRYYYYYY!!!


I offend people all the time. I’ll admit that.

So I always apologise and this emoji helps convey a whole chunk of “OMG I’M SO SORRY, I DIDN’T MEAN IT OKAY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME” all into one. It shows a guilty sad face with a tear drop streaming down the cheek.

How can you not forgive someone who seems so remorseful and apologetic?? I advice spamming it if necessary. Annoying but cute and can fix most minor situations.

4.  Fake smile/Awkward smile/Haha….


To me, this gentle smiley faced emoji is like a filler you add in most sentences. Showing the other party you are friendly, but not overly zealous and excited. I usually use this when talking to acquaintances or strangers to lighten and create a pleasant mood.

It’s a nice emoji that replaces the need to remind the other party that “It is great speaking with you”, “So glad to have met you”, etc etc and whatever polite fillers like “Haha!”.



Absolutely love this cheeky emoji!! Completely encompasses the whole “HE HE HE” emotion and replaces the whole string of never ending alphabets.

I like using it when I’m poking fun at my friends and especially so when I see updates of my friends with their latest “plus ones”. Almost like saying “YOU BETTER UPDATE ME” but missing the whole element of being rude and intrusive.

Love it.



I believe they got their inspiration from Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” when designing this emoji.

A classic “OMG” face whenever you’re in deep shit, or if you just discovered a gold mine, and possibly the best emoji to describe Brazil’s 7-1 loss to Germany in the WC semi-finals.

7. Hmph/Angry but not that angry


I use this when I am displeased, but not exactly boiling to the brim just to let the person know I’m unhappy. To me, it’s an emoji that you use when you’re in a “I’m not very happy, but willing to forgive you if you just apologise immediately” state.

Somehow, it just doesn’t seem the same when you type it out in words. I never liked blatantly asking for apologies and so I use this for people to get the hint.

8. Okay/Noted/Got it/Right….



A universal sign. No need for “Hai”, “Ke yi”, “Ye” to be translated into “OK” when you have this emoji.

9. No



Obviously. Spam this when you want to replace “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” to reject someone.

10. COME, I clap for you/Congrats!



Can be used both sarcastically, and genuinely. I like both variations but I use the former more than the latter.  I like how the emoji even has the “clapping movement” which allows you to imagine the roar of claps and to exaggerate the situation.




In. Need. Of. Divine. Intervention.


12. HOT!!!/Nosebleed/Love it!!!!/Smoking!!!!



I use this when I see a SALE on Luxola, ASOS or if Megan Fox appears on my Instagram feed. I think fire is a very strong emotion and can mean a lot of things, which makes this emoji extremely versatile whether it’s expressing passion for something or someone.




Instead of “See you at Zouk”, or “Let’s party tonight?”, I prefer using these dancing emojis to convey my message. Sometimes I add an alcoholic emoji just to make sure I am not whisked over to the ballet studio down the street.

But seriously, the black leotards and head gear (?)… I think any smart person would know it means having some night time fun….

14. Love you/LOVE YOU!!!!/Luv ya



Rather than typing out LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU everyday, I like using this and spamming a heck load of hearts. I would say that it is the most genuine though…

Best to use this on a daily basis to show you love the person, but do keep your “I love you”s as an occasional reminder that your feelings are still genuine and to keep the phrase special and meaningful.

15. Whatever



“Talk to my hand, because, I really don’t give a shit.”

I love the handflick and how the girl looks so nonchalant about whatever is being said or done. Perfect for times when you just don’t give a flying f**k!!!!!!!!!!!!

16. Stay away.








The red flag of all conversations…  One without emojis. From my personal experience, there’s a high chance the person….

1. Doesn’t give a shit about you

2. Doesn’t like you

3. Is in a fucking bad mood

All of which, are signs to stay far far away, and to try again later or never.

Hope this was interesting to read of my favourite and most communicative emojis of all time!

Do share your favourite emojis and what they mean to you by commenting below!




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