A Summary of 2014

It was a year of hits and misses. I must say, there was a lot that went wrong, but I can’t help but admit that 2014 was still as brilliant as I prayed and hoped for it to be. I laughed a lot, cried buckets of tears, and I’ve grown to love life a lot more.

Let’s take a look at what happened in 2014 for me….

January – Made a decision to focus on a blog for once. A social experiment, which turned out pretty well because I’ve finally found a hobby I can COMMIT to and am still loving every single bit of it.

Finally was able to call Jiawei my boyfriend after we dated for over 6 months! Haha… Still one of the best decisions I’ve made in 2014. We’re so much stronger together, and there’s nothing I would trade our relationship for at this moment. I love you baby, thanks for putting up with me (and I guess me with you too :P) and going through the ups and downs of 2014 with me.

Feburary – First ever Valentines Day with Jiawei. Also twisted my ankle on that date. LOL.

Lost my little bunny, Mochi, to heaven. I still miss my little girl… We were just getting closer and comfortable with one another when she suddenly left without a sound. It was an excruciating period for me. Every time I look at a bunny I’d think about her and remember all her binkies, her snuggles, and that little nose which twitches non-stop.

MarchCNY with the family & Fluffy.

And then I attempted the lose 8kg in 7 days challenge where I only lasted till Day 3. Still, I lost 3kg in 3 days. Pretty amazing stuff.

April – Published my Smugger’s Food Guide which went pretty much viral within the SMU community.

Blogging consistently finally paid off when I got sponsored by Prettifyme for my nails, Shunji Matsuo for my hair and apparels for my post “Guide to Blogshopping for Undergraduates“! It was a great month where I finally tasted the fruits of my labour. Praise be to God!!!!

May – Blogged about “How I Avoided Becoming A Victim of MLM” which REALLY went viral over Facebook after an acquaintance of mine approached me hoping that I’d buy into that stupid shit. Thank God I didn’t. Decided at that moment that some people aren’t really worth the effort, and that these shady beings always have a motive when they approach me. Time for me to be smarter and more wary of fuck ups like them!

Dyed my hair back brown…..

& Started my first ever internship and experienced life in the CBD. Decided after the internship that working in the CBD was not my thing. The experience taught me enough and got me thinking about what I REALLY wanted to do in the future.

June – Blogged another article which went viral, “Hong Kong Food Guide – “Must Eats” When You Travel!“. Finally got my ass around to completing it after procrastinating since Dec 2013. At least it was helpful and the effort paid off!

Got a new sponsor for my eyelashes, thanks KJ Studio (previously COVO)!!!!!!

July – Nothing much happened this month… Except maybe my FIRST EVER YACHT EXPERIENCE??!?!? Pretty cool except for the fact that I got seasick. LOL. Thanks TIN for organising this!

August – DYED MY HAIR BACK BLONDE AFTER WAITING FOREVER TO DO IT!!!!!!! I missed having blonde hair SO FREAKIN MUCH and ran back to Shunji Matsuo right after ending my internship!!! I love Justin and Alan so so much. They take such good care of my hair and are always there to save the day. MANY LOVE FOR YOU TWO!!!! <3 <3

Also cut my hair short(er) after what…. I forgot how many years of having long hair. It was a refreshing change!!!!!

Ran off to Perth and Sydney for my first ever solo holiday with Jiawei and had a SMASHING time during that 2 weeks. We ate a lot, laughed a lot, and created so many memories that I’m not even done with editing the pictures. WATCHED FREAKING WHALES FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!! Oh, and the Lion King Musical!!!!!!! I can’t believe how amazing August was…. Maybe the best month of 2014??? Everything just went WOW.

September – Was very active on my blog after starting school because of my Social Media module and blogged another post which went crazy online – “Why A Perfect GPA Really Isn’t Everything“. I loved this post a lot because it was very personal, and something I wrote with my heart. I still believe in every word I typed, & I finally found peace with myself after that post, removing myself of all the guilt I felt because my GPA just wasn’t good enough. It will never be good enough, but I don’t care. I have so much more in life to achieve than that bloody 4.0!

Lost my babygirl of 14 years. Fluffy passed on. She was a really cool fighter. By cool I mean real cool. She was a huge part of my childhood, and I’ve known her longer than half of my life. Losing her hurt so much I felt the same pain I felt when Mom left when I was 9. I almost skipped my scholarship interview at MOM that day because I was a complete wreck. I could not spend a minute not thinking about her and those moments always came along with a stream of uncontrollable tears. I could only sleep because I was so tired from all the weeping. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have Jiawei and Prince with me during this period. I might have gone mad, slipped into depression, I don’t know. But she was a really big part of me, my life, and I loved her fiercely. I know you’re looking down from heaven at me now babygirl, know that I miss you to bits and I have never forgotten you.

Got word that I scored my scholarship with MOM which was a huge surprise for me. I have no one but God to thank, because really, even I didn’t believe in myself. I’m just glad that with this, I can rid myself of all the financial worries I might have when it came to school and pursuing my dreams, my career, and my struggle with financial independence. I’ve never seen my Daddy so proud or happy for me.

Turned 21 first with Jiawei who brought me to CUT at Wolfgang for the first time in my life!! They say another year older, another year wiser. My birthday was a splendid affair which I spent with the people I loved, missing only my dear BFF Sheila Ong who left for the States thanks to exchange! Everyone else I held dear to me was there for me when it mattered. I saw who really stuck by me during this period, and those who can just fuck-off-and-die because they don’t bother to be there! Ain’t nobody got the time to waste on those assholes no more!

Celebrated Jw’s birthday and it was special because he’s never been one to celebrate birthdays. And it’s our first as a couple!

OctoberFINALLY STARTED ON MY JOURNEY TO HAVING BEAUTIFUL TEETH!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ORCHARD SCOTTS DENTAL FOR SHINING A RAY OF HOPE INTO MY LIFE!!!!!!!! I finally, FINALLY, found a capable dentist who gladly accepted the high-level challenge which was to FIX MY GODDAMN UGLY TEETH. Everyone kept saying NO, only braces. Except for the wonderful Dr Jerry Lim at Orchard Scotts Dental, I was able to started on Invisalign which allowed me to change almost NOTHING (didn’t even have to extract my teeth!!!!) in exchange for a beautiful smile. I’ve never felt more confident in 21 years of my life. Indeed, the smartest decision I made in 2014!

Attended the National HR Scholarship and Book Prize Ceremony with my Dad and Ahma because they deserved to see me collect the scholarship. Have never felt more proud of myself!

November – Celebrated Dad’s 55th Birthday at Les Amis. Finally a family gathering that wasn’t at Mortons… Haha….

Raged a lot about a bunch of slack-tards which made my whole semester a complete shit because I practically SOLO-ed a fucking project. It was pretty bad and I let it all out after our final presentation in school. I was just glad I got it out of my system……

December – Pretty much a dry spell for my blog after November… But anyway.

Snipped off more hair after ending finals because I had to cut myself off from all the shit I experience in Y3S1……..

Started my 2 week long internship with my MOM company.

Celebrated Christmas with my family, friends and Jiawei before heading off to TAIWAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taiwan was the highlight of Dec. Definitely. Went off with Dad and Didi as well and I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy because I miss travelling with my family so so much. The last time the 3 of us were all present on a trip together was what… 4 years ago? I’m just glad that we got together again. Also counted down at Taipei 101 before flying back here in Singapore! One of the most eye-opening experiences ever to countdown on the 86th floor!!!!! I’ve never see fireworks that close up!!!!!!!

After looking back at 2014, it’s obvious I lost many things that were precious to me, but I also gained others which I couldn’t be more thankful for. As a person, I think I’ve grown quite a bit in terms of thinking. I now know what I want, what I am willing to sacrifice to get there, and how I am going to get there.

Instead of mulling over the shit that happened in 2014, I guess I’ll pick embracing the good and taking that into 2015 with me. There’s been a lot scheduled for the new year and I can’t wait to see what it’s going to throw at me.

God do hear my prayers, bless my family with health, wealth, and abundance this 2015. Amen!!!!

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