Teeth Update! 6 months into Invisalign, how’s my treatment coming along?

invisalign treatment review orchard scotts dental shanice-1


It’s been AMAZING.

Apologies for the lack of updates since my previous post on Invisalign F.A.Qs because I’ve been quite busy with a load of other stuff. But after my last trip to Orchard Scotts Dental, I saw how much my teeth have shifted (for good!) and I was super motivated to show it to everyone. Invisalign has changed my life in so many ways and I cannot be more thankful that I discovered this treatment to fix my crooked teeth!!

invisalign treatment review orchard scotts dental shanice-7

invisalign treatment review orchard scotts dental shanice-8

Was at OSD to complete my last “sandpapering” session with Dr Jerry Lim because the previous time my gums were a little too sensitive and he didn’t want to push it.

What the sandpapering does is to reshape my teeth (the bigger, unsightly ones), and make space for movement WITHOUT any extractions! It’s quite painless and I didn’t feel anything except for a little discomfort (duh you’re filing your teeth!), completely worth it for a nice straight set of pearlie whites!

invisalign treatment review orchard scotts dental shanice-12

invisalign treatment review orchard scotts dental shanice-13

invisalign treatment review orchard scotts dental shanice-9

Took a quick look at my teeth before I started my Invisalign and it was a MAJOR throwback moment… Like wow. My teeth were this crooked!??! Seriously!!!!!!

invisalign treatment review orchard scotts dental shanice-10

I’m now on Aligner No. 9 and my teeth has moved this much!!!!! There have been some major changes made already after just 9 sets of treatment aligners but you probably can’t see much of a difference here except for the attachments. I prepared a set of Before and After pics below!!!!!

1. Month Zero (Before starting on Invisalign)

0 march invisalign before treatment 1

0 March Invisalign before treatment

1 start of invisalign 1

1 start of invisalign

As you can see here, I haven’t even started on Invisalign here and my teeth were… Bad. Just bad. Hahaha. The two front teeth were uneven in size, heavy overcrowding going on, and just having an overall horrible structure. I needed help. FAST!!!!!

Orchard Scotts Dental came in to save the day and I finally started on my treatment!!!!

2nd Month

2 September invisalign (2months)

Teeth already moved slightly, but very minimal difference. Can’t exactly tell much after just 1-2 months…

Month 3

3 October Invisalign (3rd month)

Went for reshaping/sandpapering of my teeth. Teeth are starting to look a little more even and there’s now space for more movement to take place. Also put on attachments which helped to speed up the movement process. It made sure that my aligners had a better grip on my teeth and I also learnt to put on rubberbands. This was when the results started to show!

Month 4

5 December invisalign (4 month)

Was starting to get used to the tightness that came with the attachments and rubberbands but I soon became a pro with them. Teeth moved more significantly into place, especially the bottom front teeth!

5 December Invisalign (4th month)

Month 5

invisalign treatment review orchard scotts dental shanice-2

Teeth has moved SO SO much and you can tell just by looking at the bottom front teeth! They are less curved outwards. And also for the top, the left side of my teeth are now much much more aligned. The teeth which used to be “sunken” in has moved forward to make everything more straight!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

Month 6

invisalign treatment review orchard scotts dental shanice-14

My most recent treatment!!!! After doing the last bits of reshaping, you can just SEE how much straighter my teeth have become. The movements may have been “minimal” but it’s so much better than when I first started. At least to me it is!!!!!

Not clear enough?? Here’s a picture for you to make the comparison yourself!!!!

invisalign treatment review orchard scotts dental shanice-19Much better ya??? I’m SO SO HAPPY!!!!!!!! Thank you Orchard Scotts Dental!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

invisalign treatment review orchard scotts dental shanice-17

Just collected another 4 sets of aligners from them as well and I’m so so excited to get started on them! I always suffer from a case of bi-weekly happiness thanks to my Invisalign! Haha!! Am looking forward to another 2 weeks on my current set of aligners and moving on to the next.

It’s so motivational to hear friends/family tell me that my teeth look so much nicer now after 21 years of suffering from ugly teeth and snide remarks.

I’m just glad I embarked on this journey and have been sticking to the 22 hours/day regime! I am slowly growing to LOVE-MY-SMILE!!!!!!!!!! You can read more about my Invisalign journey here!


Thank you Dr Jerry Lim! <3

Orchard Scotts Dental

501 Orchard Road Wheelock Place
#05-08 Singapore 238880

Contact: 64551383

PSST!! If you’re interested in getting Invisalign done, do drop me an email at shanice.lyl@gmail.com to get some discounts off their treatments!!

They have this AMAZING referral program that benefits us both (email me for more info!! It’s good stuff!) if you’re really really thinking of getting your teeth checked out for Invisalign! :>

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