[Beauty Carousel] Automatic Beauty (AB) Eyelid Tape + Glue Review!

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Finally getting a chance to write about Automatic Beauty’s Eyelid Tapes and Glue!!! I’m super excited about trying these products because I read somewhere that with dedication and daily use… These eyelid tapes can actually help to even out eyelids and for others, give them a permanent double eyelid!

Ok, so why am I so excited about these tapes/glue?? Because…

I’m an Asian who suffers from uneven eyelids and it’s been made super apparent to me from the day I realised it’s existence. Sad to say… But my left eye is is actually more “droopy” and makes me look super duper weird in pictures! I hate it!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Look I can’t even hide it with eyeliner :(

Ok maybe I’m just really bad with  eyeliner and make up, but I don’t like this stupid “defect” of mine. AND. To be really honest, I actually considered going under the knife to fix this stupid uneven eyelid. But in the end I was just too scared to do anything to my face, PLUS, it’s damn expensive!!

I googled and found Michelle Phan’s video about how she fixed her eyelids and realised that she used eyelid tapes too! I always thought eyelid tapes were for people WITHOUT double eyelids, but oh, I was so wrong. Did another search and realised that many famous bloggers have also used tapes/glues to fix their uneven eyelids and I decided to give them a try.

Decided on the Automatic Beauty brand because I saw some pretty good reviews about them online. ANYWAY, no harm trying! Not like I was going under the knife or something. If it works, it works. I purchased my Automatic Beauty tapes and glue from Beauty Carousel (they were so sweet to send me a Vday package in Feb rmb??) because they are super efficient and I love their service!

After using these tapes and glue for about a month, I can finally share my results!

automatic beauty eyelid tape review blog even eyelid-2


I got the AB double eye liquid a.k.a glue, because I saw online how some tapes were not sticky enough (especially if you have oily skin) and I was kinda scared my tapes wouldn’t stay on. This would reinforce the tape on your eyelid and make sure it stays in place.

You can even use this on your own if you’re afraid of the tapes showing (which is not a problem!!). They have instructions on the back of the packaging. It’s pretty easy to use, but I have to admit, it does take some getting used to.

automatic beauty eyelid tape review blog even eyelid-3

automatic beauty eyelid tape review blog even eyelid-4

Ok so the descriptions are actually in English inside the package, but the steps are as follows.

1. Cleanse your face, removing the oils of your face

2. Draw the desired crease using the “fork”

3. Put on the glue using the brush, and wait 1 min for it to dry. You’ll know when it’s dry because it looks like a film of shiny “plastic”. DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES WHILE IT IS STILL DRYING!

4. Use the fork and press the crease into place (where you put the glue)

5. YOU’RE DONE!!!!! :)

I tried on the glue by itself. and I realised that it’s REALLY durable. Even though I have semi-oily skin. I had it on for a good 24 hours and it didn’t peel off! Really good stuff. And if you want to get it off, just use make up remover! It comes off like a banana peel!


  1. Very sticky and easy to use
  2. Almost invisible
  3. If used together with tapes will enhance the double eyelid effect
  4. Can be used on the go


  1. Does not come with plastic “fork”
  2. Takes awhile to dry

automatic beauty eyelid tape review blog even eyelid-5


This is for all you girls out there (me included), who are very particular about eyelid tapes showing… This is your saving grace!!!!!! The Mezical Fiber 2 is so freakin THIN that it’s practically just a thin LINE which you place on your desired crease line.

It’s really INVISIBLE and you can’t see it at all! If you like, you can reinforce the crease using the AB eyelid glue which I talked about above. I really love the effect of this one. However, this one takes a lot more practice to put on and you’ll need to try a few times before you get it right!

Instructions below.

automatic beauty eyelid tape review blog even eyelid-6

1. Same as usual, cleanse your face and make sure the eyelids are not oily

2. Draw your desired crease using the plastic “fork” provided in the box

3. Peel off the orange sides on the tape, and hold the tape on the BLACK and non-sticky ends. **DO NOT HOLD THE STICKY PART! It will lose it’s sticky-ness!**

4. Place the extra fine tape on the desired crease you have drawn

5. Cut off whatever excess using a small pair of scissors (be careful!), and you’re DONE!!!! 

It’s really simple once you get the hang of it!


  1. Invisible!! Very fine!
  2. Works very well for fixing uneven double eyelids
  3. Very sticky
  4. Comes with plastic “fork”


  1. Needs practice, might end up wasting a few during trial
  2. Might not hold up as well as the glue/thicker tape
  3. More expensive
  4. Need to have scissors around when using the tape

automatic beauty eyelid tape review blog even eyelid-7


Got the “thicker” tape series as well because I read through a few beauty blogs and they didn’t seem to be that obvious like the cheap versions I saw at Sasa. Also heard that it sticks better than the ultra thin tape and I was afraid my oily eyelids might render the fibre tape useless!

It’s also better for people WITHOUT double eyelids, and those who want to create a crease (instead of just fixing it). This is the kind that Michelle Phan used in her video (something very similar) and she said she even wore these to sleep! Tested them out and indeed.. They stayed on the WHOLE night.

I had to change them out in the morning though.

automatic beauty eyelid tape review blog even eyelid-8

The steps are quite similar actually, but anyway, here goes!

1. Cleanse your face

2. Draw the crease line using the plastic “fork”

3. Take off the WHOLE piece of tape using a TWEEZER (don’t use your fingers plsplsplpsls)

4. Place it on the crease line

5. Remove the extra “plastic” protecting your crease

6. Press the crease into place. Done!

Of course I do sometimes add a step of adding the eyelid glue to reinforce the stickiness of the tape. Especially when I go to sleep! This way it stays on longer and throughout the night. It’s really good!


  1. Very sticky and stays on longer than the fibre tape
  2. Good for those who want to create their own permanent double eyelids
  3. Comes with plastic “fork”


  1. Not as invisible as the glue and fibre tape
  2. Need to use tweezer to pick up the tape

automatic beauty eyelid tape review blog even eyelid-11

Took some pics to show what my eyelids look like AFTER using the tapes + glue on a daily basis. I can’t conclude if it’s permanent yet or not (because I’ve only used them for a month lol) but it really does make a difference! You can tell by looking at these pics!

automatic beauty eyelid tape review blog even eyelid-12

automatic beauty eyelid tape review blog even eyelid-13

automatic beauty eyelid tape review blog even eyelid-14

Photo 3-5-15 11 24 03 am

Photo 5-4-15 9 54 58 pm

Photo 18-3-15 4 27 00 pm

I really love my AB eyelid tapes and glue from Beauty Carousel!! Am so happy and I’ll continue to use these babies on a daily basis! Crossing my fingers it’ll lead to permanent results. I can’t wait for the day when I wake up with even eyelids! Woohoo!!!!





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