Buying second hand branded bags/items? Read this first.

7 thoughts on “Buying second hand branded bags/items? Read this first.”

  1. LOL shan this post is very interesting and informative leh!! i had a lot of fun reading it. i guess next time if i ever want to buy branded stuff i know what to do haha!

  2. Hi Shan, I like your detail in sharing how to differentiate a fake and your guts in telling the dishonest person off. We need more people like you – who stands up for what is right. I’ve met a scam renovation contractor recently. Wished I was more street smart like you to do more homework in background check. But after reading your blog, I feel a rising courage to tell him straight in the face to stop being so dishonest. Thanks for the post!

  3. Hello! This post is very informative and interesting! Such good tips!!

    Also wanted to ask you if the font you use in the post is a default WordPress font or if it’s your own? And if it’s downloaded on your own, do you mind disclosing where from? :) Interested in using it for a project!

  4. This is by far, one of the most amazing articles/blog I have ever read! I feel you all the way! And thank you to all the fake pictures you posted….people like me need it for references. And the bad/sour attitude you mentioned….that was spot on too. If sellers feel annoyed about me asking too many questions or pictures, then they obviously don’t need to do business with anybody because no one in their right mind would ever want to spend their hard working money on fakes! I feel sorry for the people who aren’t as informed or do their homework. Thank you for sharing. All the best to you!

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