Back from Munich, missing home quite a bit.

2 thoughts on “Back from Munich, missing home quite a bit.”

  1. Hi Shanice , how are you ??i would be in Munich for few days from 25 October and would appreciate to know what is the buzz and pulse of excitement there particularly places of interest and if unique food to bite besides pork knuckles , Thank you and God bless

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    1. Hey I am great! Nice to know that you’re headed there. The Oktoberfest will be over when you get there so I recommend checking out their Beer Gardens (you’ll find them everywhere) and the food market located in Marienplatz. There is also quite a lot of shopping to be done there if you like designer brands. Dachau concentration camp memorial is also a must go. As for their food I really loved the pretzels, pork sausages (they are white!), spaetzel and currywurst! I will probably do a post up on Munich when I have the time so do check back if the post is ready before you leave. Have fun!

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