My first exam is in 2 days… Oh my god. I can feel it. In about a month and a half I’ll be back in SG and I’m excited, yet I know I will miss exchange so much.

There’s quite a lot I miss about home right now… All the home cooked food, hugging my dearest Princeypoo, waking up to my Grandma’s calls of “吃ι₯­δΊ†!!”, playing mahjong with my fav kakis and eating out whenever I want….. I MISS SINGAPORE FOOD SO MUCH!!!! I swear. The variety and the prices we get in SG… I will never complain again.

Worst thing ever is that I know Prince is having some crazy bad skin issues now (at first the vet though it was a f**king tumor and told us to monitor it), his bump on his head has subsided but my Dad whatsapped me photos of 4 new wounds appearing on his neck.. They look terribly painful and I really wish I was able to be there with him now. Through all the vet visits, applying aloe vera gel on his wounds, and making sure he doesn’t scratch at them and make it worse. I can’t believe the only thing that makes me feel a little better now is the fact that this could be due to an infection… And not something worse. It’s ridiculous. God, please take care of my furry baby. I miss him so much and I wish I could be home with him right now.

dogs sentosa datblondechick shanice prince-22

I believe everything will be okay. It has to be.

The past few times my Dad skyped me Prince looked horribly bored. He didn’t want to get up. He seemed so tired and I just felt so bad. I’m not boasting here, but I honestly think he misses me. Or at least, my company. I would shower him with hugs, feed him his treats, take him swimming every weekend (that’s his favourite).. And now he has none of that. It’s no secret that I’m the one who loves him the most and shows it. My dad loves him too of course. But just not in the same way.

He’s badly shaven (to keep the wounds dry and sanitary) and he looks so different from before I left for my exchange. I miss you so so much buddy. You mean so much to me and I wish you’d know that. Be strong and get better. I love you i love you i love you.

This is why, although I love being overseas and on the go so much, I want to get back home ASAP. To be with everyone whom I miss and love.

But also, I know, going home means… A hell lot of studying (no more pass/fail mods), graduation (… I don’t wna work…), being unable to fly off and visit new cities so freely, and going back to becoming dependent.

All my friends who have come back from exchange would tell me to make the most of my time (which I think I really have) as no matter how much I miss home, I’ll definitely miss being on exchange so much more. There’s something about the freedom and ability to jet off on a whim, exploring new cities, and making new memories… I know I’ll miss that the most about exchange. It’s been such a great 4 months since I got here and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.


I have so many photos to upload, even though my mac and harddrive decided to both give up on me causing me to lose a f*ckload of pictures, and to update this space with when I find the time. Travel itineraries, recommendations on where to go, omg there’s so much to write about!!! I’m so excited about travelling about Europe once my exams end, but I am reminded to be extra careful as well.

The tragedy in Paris is something I will never forget.


Just a week before, I was walking on the same streets as they were, eating in the same restaurants they enjoyed. Just a change of mind, thinking “oh I’ll just book my flights for next week” would have put me in a very precarious position. One that I’m so thankful God guided me to avoid. I definitely see it as divine intervention as I have escaped many of these situations where God put me in the right place at the right time. It’s frightening to know, “that could have been me.” One week after I left Taiwan, a hurricane struck and destroyed buildings. About 2 weeks after I left Sydney, there was the hostage incident. Thinking about all these incidents make me shudder a little. But I am thankful to still be alive and well today.

Alright, enough of my sob story and complaints. It’s about time I head back to the books (ugh exams!!!) and hope I’ll get that pass for my modules. Please pass by in a breeze!!!!!!!

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