Oh FYEAH exams are finally over!! And the paper wasn’t as bad as I expected… I don’t think I’m going to do super well but it’s not to a point where I think I’m gna fail either. So yay!! Just gotta pass on exchange anyway. HEhehehhehe.

Also just had a pretty nice dinner with my neighbours and Vicki and we had so much food and so much fun!! We made amazing chicken curry (which V accidentally spilt LOL sian) but everyone was just so helpful and niceΒ about it. Like seriously. I love my neighbours?!?! No one was throwing a bitchfit about it and we just cleaned up the mess and thanked God that there was some curry left in the pot that we could have with our toasted baguettes!! SUPER YUMMY I LOVE PRIMA TASTE SO MUCH!!

And we also had Hai Di Lao (YASSS HER BF BROUGHT IT OVER WHEN HE CAME TO VISIT) Mala Hot Pot in the kitchen with the amazing CHE MIAN that you can get at Hai Di Lao!!! Yknow, those dancing noodles? YA!! HAHAHA. My neighbour’s friend freakin’ MADE it and brought it over for our hot pot party!!! SUPER SHIOK OMG. It was just a really wonderful way to “end” my exchange experience. I had so much fun talking to my neighbours and got to know them so much better and it just felt really great. I’m so glad I got a chance toΒ meet so many new people and this is something that’s really going to stay with me long after my exchange ends.

I suck at putting my feelings in words, but spare me please, I haven’t had proper sleep in 24 hours. And I’m still in the midst of packing for my trip to Brussels, Italy and Spain that jets me off tomorrow. Took a short break from packing to pen down my thoughts and feelings because today was Β one of the more special days I’ve had in Oslo. Mostly I’ve been flying out and meeting friends from SG in different parts of Europe, but finally today I managed to spend some time with the people whom I’ve been living with for the past 4 months.

It’s the end of my exchange at BI today.

And I’m so glad I picked Oslo.

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