My head is throbbing like an… no. It’s hurting like a bitch because the sun is being relentless in it’s attempt to set the world on fire. Please stop being so hotttttt Singapore. This makes me want to head to Korea/Japan so badly. Oh god, the groomer just called. Time to brave the sun and … Continue reading Headache

Slim and Song

There are no bestfriends. We can only have a best friend and I’m glad I’ve found mine. To many more years of friendship, never-ending conversations and working together towards becoming rich bitches. Love you best.

Magic in a cup of coffee

Don’t think I’m really much of a coffee fan. I prefer teh, the koufu kind. Sweet and milky. Coffee just doesn’t hit the right spots like teh does. But still, Stranger’s Reunion’s coffee is immensely popular with coffee connoisseurs. JW really enjoyed his cuppa and the pictures came out really nice!


This question has always bugged me… How can anyone say no to waffles? I mean ok, maybe you can. But waffles with ice-cream, berries and bananas?! Really?!?! No, just no. This waffle is truly one of the best waffles I have ever eaten. And it’s so nice to photograph. I love pretty food, I wish all … Continue reading Waffles