Lim Family 团圆饭 2015

reunion dinner 2015 shanice lim blog-9

Edited these pictures in a jiffy because… They were just so easy to edit! It’s so much quicker when the pictures are mainly of food and filters in Lightroom can be replicated for almost all the photos! Heehee.

Finally had a good night’s sleep after 4 days of non-stop gambling + eating which gave me the energy to B L O G!!!!!!! Went over to New Ubin Seafood at Sin Ming with the Lims for our reunion dinner this year. Well, technically we’ve been going there for the past 3 or 4 years… Helps to have connected cousins because that means the BEST seafood + menu for CNY!!!!

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Manzoku Japanese Restaurant – Nothing short of Chikuwa Tei’s standard!

manzoku japanese dining review purvis street-2

I made a call last weekend to Chikuwa Tei to make a reservation because I was craaaaving their Chirashi-don, one of the best I’ve had in Sg, and was told about Manzoku on the phone by a very enthusiastic lady. She told me about CT’s latest branch located at Purvis Street, recently opened, and that they were having a “thick-slice sashimi” promotion going on!

“I send you the address by SMS ok?? Postal code also. We have nothing posted online yet so u cannot find! Since you called to made a reservation I invite you here ok….”

“Okay lor.”

And off we went! Only after I checked with them many times over the phone to make sure they had everything I loved at CT to avoid disappointment…

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[Review]: Chikuwa Tei @ Mohamed Sultan Road

My favourite japanese dish is definitely the Chirashi-don.

What does it for me?

Thick slices of freshly cut assorted sashimi, tamago and a nice dollop of salmon roe to top a soft bed of sticky Japanese rice.

I heard about Chikuwa Tei from a few friends and decided to make a trip down with Jw over the weekends for a nice Japanese treat.

chikuwa tei review japanese-1

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The Sushi Bar Review: The Thickest Slices of Salmon Sashimi at Affordable Prices

Another overdue post from 3 weeks ago. Met up with Deb after experiencing a true “TGIF” moment after ending my first week of interning.

TGIF will only feel that amazing after you’ve started working. Trust me. Fridays after a week in SMU never felt this way before.

It was pure relief and so Debz and I decided to celebrate over the best salmon sashimi (in my honest opinion) in Singapore.

sushi bar w deb-1

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