Taiwan Itinerary Day 4 – Shi Fen, Xi Men Ding (BEST LU ROU FAN IN TAIWAN!!!)

Yes I know. Extremely, extremely, overdue. But here goes! Day 4 in Taipei!!! Took a train to the Taipei Station to get our train tickets to Shi Fen. It’s quite troublesome getting to this place. You’ll have to exit the MTR and go to Exit M4. It’s a long walk! We were taking the morning … Continue reading Taiwan Itinerary Day 4 – Shi Fen, Xi Men Ding (BEST LU ROU FAN IN TAIWAN!!!)

Crawley Edge – (Blue) Boat Shed

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Took these last year (yes I procrastinate…) at the famous Crawley Edge, and I finally edited a bunch of them to be put up on my blog today. It must be the stress from studying…. I haven’t actually “studied” the whole semester and a quiz worth 40% of my grade is freaking-me-out. As with an examination next Monday. Boo.

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Taiwan Day 2 Itinerary – Yong Kang Street, Taipei 101, Wu Fen Pu

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Day 2 in Taiwan and we planned on visiting Yong Kang Street, famous for their TW Beef Noodles and cafe culture. From my research prior to the trip, I followed Ladyironchef’s guide to Yong Kang Street and wanted to eat my way through the cafes. But first, had to feed my Daddy with a “proper” breakfast and so Yong Kang Beef Beef Noodles was first on our list.

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Taiwan Day 1 Itinerary – Changi, Taoyuan, Shilin Night Market

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Finally got myself motivated to finish this guide that I’ve planned since I headed there last December. A lot of people seem to be headed over to Taiwan (must be the Scoot deals lol) and this should be pretty helpful if you need some help getting around Taiwan. Here goes!!!!!

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How to Pack Travel (& Fashion) Friendly Pieces w/o Busting your Baggage Limit!

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I think one of the most exciting, and hair-pulling, parts of travel would definitely be packing. I find great joy in packing for my trips because I can FINALLY wear loads of pieces that I don’t usually wear in sunny hot Singapore (HELLO COATS, SCARFS, BOOTS!!!). This is especially so when I go to colder countries and I usually go on a mad shopping spree buying whatever I think goes for the trip.

However… It’s really not that fun when I reach the airport and I realise my luggage’s already 20kg when I only bought the 15kg worth of luggage space. Has that ever happened to you?!?! It’s super embarrassing when you have to dig clothes out and ask your parents to bring them home lor… The worst part is knowing that you’re no longer allowed to buy any more sh*t unless you purchase more baggage space (which is f**king expensive at the counter), and totally kills your mood before you even start your holiday.

Over the years, I’ve learnt how to pack more strategically as compared to just dumping whatever the hell I want in my luggage and throwing out >80% of it due to a lack of space. It’s so annoying having to pack up your clothes after trying to bring them on your trip right?!?!

ANYWAY. Here’s some tips I’d like to share when it comes to packing effectively and I hope it helps you when you pack for your next trip!!

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5 ways our “Instagram-Obsession” destroyed the joys of travel


I’ve been wanting to write about this for awhile. But I couldn’t bring myself to start because I am painfully guilty of being a victim of the above. I am a victim of my Instagram account, and it has killed my ability to truly appreciate my travels in so many ways. I’ve always had my conscience nudging at me to work on this piece, because I distinctly remember a brief conversation I had with J whilst having a Christmas dinner with my college mates and I couldn’t just forget about it.

It went something like this,

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